• About The Builder

    Good life building and design is committed to developing a small modern rustic community in the heart of the High Country. After building our own modern rustic home right here in Boone, we quickly realized we were part of a like minded community of people who have the same love for modern design but live in an area of limited inventory. The realization of this love for modern architecture and interior design has driven us to follow our heart, live our best life and do what we are passionate about. A win win! This exciting endeavor will fill a void in the High Country of homes that are modern, smart and bold.

  • Philosophy

    Modern. Smart. Bold. We pair smart design, high end features along with a solid build to deliver a modern rustic home that is one of a kind.

  • About The Architect

    Coffee Architecture - Good design improves people's’ lives. A design’s fundamental responsibility is to provide solutions to problems. Good design provides meaningful solutions. It may offer a better way to do something. It may conserve resources. It may add tangible value, or it may solve a problem in a “poetic” way. Good design should be accessible Good design should not just be a luxury item. Rather, it should create the greatest value, given the resources available. As a result, we try to offer good design to the broadest audience,To meet the desires of clients, we take great care in our work. To fully develop our designs, and pursue a high level of detail and quality in our work.

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