In early February we had already felt the change of tide. Uncertainty was on the horizon and unanswerable questions loomed. The only thing we knew for sure was that our passion to build the first modern rustic subdivision in the high country was on the line. Its four months later and the full impact of Covid-19 still remains uncertain but the trends we have seen in the high country have been overwhelmingly positive.

Locally, builder sentiment remains high as construction is classified “essential”. Building suppliers have remained busy and we have only encountered a few supply chain breaks and price increases.

Most notably has been our ability to keep our crew employed. A sense of responsibility to maintain their livelihood has weighed heavily on us. Especially since our number 2 carpenter, welcomed a new baby into the world last week!

Since travel restrictions have been lifted locally, we have had 8 showings in 3 days. Our potential buyers have indicated a few driving factors motivating their interest to purchase now. Insanely low mortgage rates, a strong desire to invest in real estate over stocks, and an even stronger desire to leave congested and expensive cities in a time of Covid, have all been topics.

Buyers have also voiced what we have already known, that there is a lack of new inventory on the market. Even more so, new homes that have a modern rustic feel are nearly nonexistent. Our homes continue to fill that void for people looking for new, modern, smart, bold design.

Planning with intent is the key to readiness and we are here to finish what we’ve started. We are passionate about this subdivision and creating a small community of owners who love the high country the people in it and the place they call home.

If you are interested in being part of this community, please call Boone Real Estate and mention Knollwood Subdivision or Contact us directly 828-773-9947.

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